Horse Haven

Calling all horse enthusiasts! Come visit Horse Haven, the family-friendly activity zone showcasing different breeds of horses.

Discover 18 different horse breeds found throughout Alberta, and learn in which activities these equine athletes excel. Come visit them on display at the Horse Haven Stables, located in an adapted western setting at the northwest end of the Agriculture Barns. Horse Haven will feature presentations, demonstrations, and plenty of horse sense as breeders talk up their equine companions and promote the breeds they love.

Horse Haven also features plenty of interactive and educational opportunities, with an "activity zone" involving displays and demos regarding horsemanship. 

These light horse breeds can also be seen in action daily in demonstrations.

Kids will enjoy the activity book showcasing the breeds, and can take them home for colouring fun!

Itching to own a horse? Horse Sense 101, presented daily, tells you all you need to know.




Horse Haven is presented by the Calgary Stampede Western Agriculture Heritage Committee and the Calgary Stampede Light Horse Sub-Committee.