All exhibitors are required to sign off on the Exhibitor Agreement in order to participate in events. 


1. The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede Limited (the "Stampede") hosts certain contests and exhibitions on the grounds within Calgary ("Stampede Park") from time to time (each an "Exhibition").

2. The undersigned potential contestant or exhibitor (the "Exhibitor") wishes to participate in an Exhibition in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

3. For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Exhibitor agrees as follows.


1. The Exhibitor agrees to comply with the terms of this agreement, as amended in accordance with its terms.

2. Without limitation to the foregoing, the Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that the Exhibitor will comply with the following rules and code of ethics established or adopted from time to time by the Stampede:
a) the Stampede Agriculture General Rules & Conditions;
b) the International Association of Fairs & Expositions Code of Show Ring Ethics;
c) the Stampede Health Regulations (including, without limitation the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ("CFIA") regulations referred to therein);
d) any specific show rules of the Stampede relating to the Exhibition(s) entered by the Exhibitor;
e) any applicable sanctioning body rules and codes of conduct relating to the Exhibition, each as amended, restated or replaced from time to time (collectively, the "Rules").

3. The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Exhibitor has reviewed the current versions of the Rules.

4. The Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that the directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents and other representatives of the Stampede, its affiliates, its sponsors and the City of Calgary may enter Exhibitions as contestants or exhibitors from time to time.

5. The Exhibitor acknowledges that, to the extent that:
a) there are insufficient entries in an Exhibition, classes of competitors or exhibitors may be combined or a class may be cancelled; or
b) there are too many entries to be accommodated with respect to barn stalling capacity or otherwise, the number of competitors or exhibitors permitted to participate in the Exhibition may be limited, all in the sole discretion of the Stampede.


1. The Exhibitor agrees that the Exhibitor will give the necessary personal attention to whatever the Exhibitor has on exhibit in connection with the Exhibition and, at the close of the Exhibition, will remove the Exhibitor's animals or exhibits from Stampede Park.

2.    The Exhibitor agrees that the Exhibitor is responsible for the proper care, presentation and clean-up of the Exhibitor's animals, exhibits and stalling areas during the Exhibition and until such animals or exhibits are removed from Stampede Park.

3. The Exhibitor agrees:
a)    to exhibit or display only quiet animals with good temperaments in any Exhibition;
b)    to consistently demonstrate ethical conduct in the best interest of all animals;
c)    any animals brought on the premises is clear of any disease or health issues;
d)    that the health and care of animals is of the utmost importance and the Exhibitor has been encouraged to access onsite those veterinarians accredited from time to time (the "Stampede Accredited Veterinarians") by the Stampede or the official Stampede veterinarian (the "Official Stampede Veterinarian") for consultation if the need arises, it being understood that such veterinarians are scheduled to be available daily and on an "on-call" basis during the Exhibition;
e)    they will not do anything that creates or promotes a dangerous or potentially dangerous environment;
f)    that the Stampede may make bedding materials available for animals in the Exhibition at no cost but the Exhibitor is required to ensure that animals have the appropriate bedding while stalling such animals in the barns on Stampede Park;
g)    that the Exhibitor is required to manage the manure of the bedding area for the Exhibitor's animals throughout the day;
h)    to promote a safe sporting environment in the competitive arena, stalling barns, warm up areas, and back pens – before, during and after the Exhibition;
i)    to ensure responsible care in the handling, treatment and transportation of the Exhibitor's animals as well as animals placed in the Exhibitor's care for any purpose;
j)    to report any occurrences of misbehavior or misconduct of others to the Agriculture Show Office staff immediately;
k)    to exhibit standards of professional behavior which maintains public confidence and trust in the integrity of the Stampede; and
l)    the Exhibitor is responsible to ensure that the Exhibitor's livestock has suitable access to appropriate water and feed.

4.    The Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that any animal requiring care by a veterinarian must consult a Stampede accredited Veterinarian and that Stampede Accredited Veterinarians are required to bring to the attention of Stampede officials any concerns or issues that may arise. Without limitation to any other provision contained herein, Stampede officials have the authority to discipline any person, including (without limitation) personnel, contestants, contractors and exhibitors who compromise the wellbeing of an animal.

5. INFECTIOUS DISEASE: Due to the number of animals on the Stampede Park during the Exhibition, infectious disease is a concern and the Exhibitor agrees that any animal suspected of having an infectious disease should be isolated and examined by an Official Stampede Veterinarian immediately. In this regard and without limitation to any other provision contained herein, the Exhibitor agrees to comply with the prescribed isolation and quarantine protocols of the Stampede and, in the case of a reportable disease, the CFIA.

6.   ANIMAL FATALITY / SUDDEN DEATHS: Any animal that suffers a catastrophic musculoskeletal injury requiring euthanasia is subject to a medication analysis, it being acknowledged and agreed by the Exhibitor that the Official Stampede Veterinarian shall solely be responsible for the expeditious and humane euthanization of any animal on Stampede Park (at all times, the priority will be for the health and welfare of the animal). Any animal that dies suddenly during the course of the Exhibition shall be subject to a post-mortem examination and medication analysis. The Stampede will incur the costs of these procedures, under the direction of the Official Stampede Veterinarian. The Stampede reserves the right to communicate any findings relating thereto as it sees appropriate.


1. The Exhibitor agrees that, if requested by the Stampede, the Exhibitor shall promptly give statutory declarations as to the age of the Exhibitor's animals.

2.   The Stampede reserves the right to remove from Stampede Park, any participants, exhibits, standing or shown, that may be deemed unsuitable or objectionable, in the Stampede's sole discretion.

3. To the extent that the Exhibitor has obtained admission into any Exhibition through misrepresentation, without  limitation to any other rights or remedies of the Stampede, the Exhibitor shall forfeit any money paid for any unexpired term for space or stalls, and the Stampede shall be exonerated from any claim on the part of the Exhibitor.

4.   The Exhibitor acknowledges that any abuse or inappropriate behavior by the Exhibitor will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal of the Exhibitor from the Exhibition.

5.   In order for the Exhibitor to lodge a protest in connection with an Exhibition, the Exhibitor must submit such protest in writing to the Agriculture Administration Department of the Stampede before 10:00 a.m. the day following the cause of protest, and a receipt must be obtained. Any such protest must state plainly the cause of complaint or appeal and must be accompanied by a deposit of $500 which shall be forfeited to the Stampede, if the said protest is not affirmed by the Stampede.

6.   The Stampede shall have the power to withhold prizes if the Stampede is of the opinion that it is just to do so. The Stampede shall also have the authority to interpret the Rules, make new rules from time to time, and decide any point not covered by the Rules.

7.   The Stampede reserves the right to take any action with respect to an Exhibition without protest being made.

8.   Upon the discovery of fraud, deception or dishonest practice which may have affected or have been intended to affect the decision of the judges in connection with an Exhibition, without limitation to any other rights, remedies or powers, the Stampede has the authority to withhold any award in connection therewith, and may prohibit the offending party or parties from exhibiting in any class for one or more years, and may also publish the names of such persons if deemed appropriate.


1. The Exhibitor hereby assumes all risk of injury, illness, disease, death, or any other damage which may arise in connection with the Exhibitor's participation in the Exhibition and, without limitation to the foregoing, the Exhibitor hereby:
a) forever releases and discharges each of the Stampede, its affiliates, the City of Calgary, the Stampede's sponsors and the directors, officers, employees, volunteers, agents and other representatives of the Stampede, its affiliates, the City of Calgary and the Stampede's sponsors (collectively the "Stampede Representatives") from and against any and all claims, actions, costs, liabilities, judgments, damages, obligations, losses, penalties, and expenses of any kind or nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, legal fees) in any way arising directly or indirectly in connection with, the Exhibitor's participation in the Exhibition; and
b) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless each of the Stampede Representatives from and against any and all damages, loss and expenses (including, without limitation, legal fees) which may be suffered directly or indirectly by reason of the Exhibitor's participation in the Exhibition.

2.   Without limitation to the foregoing, the Exhibitor agrees that all property of any kind entered for display or any other purpose shall be subject to the control of the Stampede, but in no case shall any Stampede Representative be held responsible for any loss, damage, or injury of any character to any such property while same is in Stampede Park, or any other time or place. If the Exhibitor desires protection against damage or injury from fire or from any other cause, they must make their own arrangements. Without limitation to the foregoing, if the Exhibitor desires insurance, the Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for acquiring same.

3.   The Exhibitor agrees that animals, machinery in motion, or exhibits of a combustible or explosive character and other exhibits liable to accidents, injury or damage to persons coming in contact with them, shall be guarded by the Exhibitor and the Exhibitor shall protect the public from coming in contact therewith.


In addition to the release contemplated above, the Exhibitor hereby agrees and consents to the use by each Stampede Representative of the name, photograph, voice, statement and image of the Exhibitor and any of the Exhibitor's exhibits or animals for any publicity, editorial, trade, advertising or other purpose, in any manner or medium, without remuneration, throughout the world in perpetuity and hereby irrevocably releases each Stampede Representative from any claims and liabilities of any kind whatsoever in connection with such use.