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The Agriculture Administration is located on the second floor of the Agriculture Building, in the centre of Stampede Park. Regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.  Hours during events may vary.

To access the office during business hours, use the south entrance to the building, off of the south fire lane.


Mailing Ad​dress

Box 1060, Station M
Calgary, AB
T2P 2K8

Phone: (403) 261-0162
Fax: (403) 262-3067

Delivery Address

1800 Stampede Trail SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 2W1

Toll Free: 1-800-661-1260
Entries Fax: (403) 410-4549


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Robert Wise
Ph: (403) 261-0149
  Director of Western Events and Agriculture
Janette Macmillan
Ph: (403) 261-9174
  Manager, Agriculture
Brett Warder
Ph: (403) 261-0313
  Manager, Western Events and Agriculture Operations
Dina Sutherland
Ph: (403) 261-0173
  Manager, Agriculture Event Presentations
Melissa McKay
Ph: (403) 261-0209
  Manager, Agriculture Competitions

Kristina Barnes
Ph: (403) 261-0382

  Western Events & Agriculture Communications Manager

Robyn Kurbel
Ph: (403) 261-0336


Agriculture Specialist
Business Solutions
Entries Office
Show Office
Website Development
Exhibitor/Competitor Services

Mackenzie Argent
Ph: (403) 261-0309

Agriculture Programming Manager
Ag Education
Ag-tivity in the City
Cattle Trail

Julie Garvey
Ph: (403) 261-0127

Agriculture Programming Manager
Cutting Horse Events
Team Cattle Penning
Working Cow Horse
International Livestock Auctioneers Championships

Sam Coutu
Ph: (403) 261-9159

Agriculture Programming Manager
Blacksmith Competitions
Draft Horse Town
Farm Equipment
Light Horse
Miniature Donkey

Susan Peterson
Ph: (403) 261-0312

Agriculture Programming Manager
Dairy Cattle
Clock, Stock & Barrel
Sheep Showcase & Sheep Shearing
International Agriculture and Agri-food Program
International Youth Livestock
Steer Classic


Tammy Botsford
Ph: (403) 261-9316


Agriculture Programming Manager
Cowboy Up Events
Heavy Horse Pull
Heavy Horse Show
Miniature Horse


Kristin Dennett
Ph: (403) 261-0193

  Agriculture Programming Manager
Farm Family
4-H on Parade
Youth & Ag in Action

Ashley Hygaard
Ph: (403) 261-0320

  Agriculture Entries Project Coordinator
Josie Short
Ph: (403) 261-0221
  Project Coordinator