The Calgary Stampede is excited to announce a brand-new event for 2024 -- the Stampede Cellar Showdown. This international wine competition will highlight beverage production and showcase the best-of-the best in Canadian and international wine, as part of the Stampede’s commitment to agriculture and the Agri-Food industry.

Sharing the Story from Grape to Glass

This high-profile competition is aligned with the Stampede’s Agri-Food Vision, connecting the Agri-Food and Beverage industry to Calgarians and southern Albertans by facilitating signature programs and building understanding of grape to glass between regional food and beverage producers and consumers.

Showcasing the Best-of-the-Best

The Calgary Stampede Cellar Showdown is open to all products from Canadian and International wine producers and distributors that are registered within the Province of Alberta. The competition portion will take place prior to Stampede– with the winning wines earning a spot to be showcased at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth as one of the greatest wines on earth. Stampede guests will get to enjoy swirling, sniffing and sipping these award winner wines as part of their festival experience. For winning wineries and distributors, recognition will also include the opportunity to feature their award-winning wines at retail outlets and restaurants with the Stampede Cellar Champion labelling.

In the Stampede’s commitment to highlighting regional producers, the Canadian Wine industry will be showcased in the competition with its own class of recognition and prizing.

For more details about the competition and more specifics, please see the tabs below.

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