2020 North American Sheep Shearing Challenge

It’s a contest of the quick and the clean.  Two shearers side by side - who can shear sheep in the best time, but more importantly, with the most skill? Champions and challengers alike - sharpen up your gear and come win your share of Canada’s richest shearing purse!

Experienced shearers from around the world come to compete in this world-class competition. In our unique head-to-head duel format, prize money is awarded in each go-round. This is a timed and judged event, based on the international shearing rules and emphasizing the Calgary Stampede's commitment to safe animal handling practices.


Please check back in 2020 for detailed competition and entry info!

Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 3–12, 2020
Location: Northern Lights Arena



Proudly presented by the Calgary Stampede Agri-Food Committee and Sheep Sub-committee.