2020 International Youth Livestock Supreme Championship and Scholarships

The Calgary Stampede and Olds Regional Exhibition partner in a week-long collaboration to showcase youth in agriculture by hosting the International Youth Livestock competition during the final weekend of the Calgary Stampede for youth aged nine through 21. Under the partnership and with the support of Alberta 4-H and Alberta Junior Beef Breed Associations, an intense and integrated competition takes place at Olds Regional Exhibition’s Summer Synergy the first part of the week prior to Stampede, with the winners in several categories moving on to a Supreme Championship Final at the Calgary Stampede on the last Sunday.  Over 250 competitors from across western Canada are expected to participate in this collaborative programming between Calgary Stampede and Olds Regional Exhibition in the shows 42nd year of competition. 

Young enthusiasts demonstrate their stewardship skills in sheep or beef species classes and will compete this year for $70,000 in scholarships and prizes which are awarded to 55 of agriculture’s most promising youth. There are five different components to the competition:  confirmation, showmanship, grooming, multi-species judging and marketing.  Youth also participate in a formal interview, providing them a valuable life experience.  All 55 International Youth Livestock scholarship recipients are recognized by getting called up on stage during the evening Grandstand Show.

The Calgary Stampede Foundation is a partner and the major source of funding for the scholarship program. The Foundation's mandate is to generate income that will guarantee our youth programs well into the future. The Calgary Stampede Foundation is committed to providing the youth of Alberta with the opportunity to develop strong roots in their culture and heritage through programs that enhance personal growth, citizenship and education.

“Agriculture and youth programs are fundamental to preserving and promoting western heritage and values,” says David Sibbald, Calgary Stampede President (2017-2019), who has been very involved in the redevelopment of the program. “The Stampede takes a serious role in showcasing the agriculture industry.”  

*Note: You must be entered for Summer Synergy to be eligible for Calgary Stampede International Youth Livestock Scholarships.  

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Summer Synergy

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Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 3–12, 2020
Location: Nutrien Western Event Centre

Please check back in 2020 for detailed event information!


Proudly presented by the Calgary Stampede Livestock Competitions Committee and International Youth Livestock Sub-committee.