2019 Dairy Classic Championship Show

This event has passed

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2019 Dairy Classic Championship Show is CANCELLED

After extensive conversation and deliberation, the Dairy Cattle sub-committee with the support of the Agriculture & Western Events team has made the decision to cancel the 2019 Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic. A number of events within the dairy industry across Canada have conflicted with the timing of this year’s Dairy Classic, and this has coincided with low registration. We will continue to showcase our support of the dairy industry and consumer education throughout Stampede 2019.



Event Dates and Location

Event Date: April 19, 2019
Location: Ag Building/ Pavillion


Danielle Lee (Chair), Terry Reimer (Vice Chair), Lexi Wright (Vice Chair), Bob Park (Director), Sam Coutu (Agriculture Programming Manager), Gordon Atkins, Ron Churchill, Adrian Haeni, John Iverson, Debbie Lee (Past Chair), Jill Stevens, Eric Taylor, Agnes Wolstenholme