2019 Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull

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The Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull is the ultimate in strength competitions. From Friday, July 12 through Sunday, July 14, the powerful work horses of the Heavy Horse Pull return to the Nutrien Western Event Centre showing off their muscle and might. 

Watch some of the biggest and strongest horses in the world as they compete pulling more than five times their body weight a distance of 14 feet. With horses and teamsters from across North America, this event is full of drama, sweat and pure and simple, high performance equine athletes. In the three weight classes - light, middle and heavy weight - the winners will take home the highest cash payouts in the heavy horse pulling world.

Entries will open April 15, 2019

Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 12–14, 2019
Move in Date: July 11, 2019 6:00 AM
Release Date: July 14, 2019 10:00 PM
Early Entry Date: April 15, 2019
Entry Closing Date: June 7, 2019 4:00 PM
Location: Nutrien Western Event Centre


Tentative Schedule as of February 5, 2019

It is the intent of the Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull Committee to present a show of teamstership in a "TIGHT TUG PULL" competition.


6:00 am - Horse Pull Teams Move In – No move-ins allowed before 6 a.m.
Weigh In - ALL WEIGHT CLASSES – times to be determined as horses check in
* Teamster Meeting – time & location to be determined

FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2019 
6:30 am - 9:00 am - Exercise (NO TURNOUT) (Northern Lights Arena, Nutrien Western Events Centre)
5:00-6:00 pm - Warm up (Northern Lights Arena)
6:30-8:15 pm - Horse Pull - Light Weight Division (Nutrien Western Events Centre)

SATURDAY, JULY 13, 2019 
6:30 am - 9:00 am - Exercise (NO TURNOUT) (Northern Lights Arena, Nutrien Western Events Centre)
5:00-6:00 pm - Warm up (Northern Lights Arena)
6:30-8:15 pm - Horse Pull - Middle Weight Division (Nutrien Western Events Centre)

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019 
8:00 am - 9:30 am - Exercise (NO TURNOUT) (Northern Lights Arena, Nutrien Western Events Centre)
3:30-4:30 pm - Warm up (Northern Lights Arena)
5:00-7:00 pm - Horse Pull - Heavy Weight Division (Nutrien Western Events Centre)
10:00 pm - Release of Livestock


*All event times are tentative

Entry Fees

Teams will be divided by weight into three divisions once weigh in is complete:

Light weight division - Less than 3560 lbs.*
Middle weight division - 3561 lbs. to 3880 lbs.*
Heavy weight division - 3881 lbs. and over*

*Note: the weight division breaks are subject to change at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee to accommodate equal entries in each weight division.

Competition to be decided by straight pull-out in each division.


All entries must be completed online and submitted through our online system. Entries will NOT be accepted over the phone, by email or by fax. If you require assistance with online entries please contact our entries office at 403-261-0336 or agriculture@calgarystampede.com and we will be happy to assist you!


**Please send completed Accreditation, RV & Parking Forms to agriculture@calgarystampede.com or fax (403)410-4549. Be sure to purchase the corresponding number of passes you require when you enter online.


TO SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY please click on the following link: https://calgarytenday.fairmanager.com

*Please note, you simply need to enter the number of teams you are bringing. Weight class allocation will be made once weigh in has been completed. Horse information will asked for on our Equine Biosecurity Forms. 

Entries open April 15, 2019
Entries close June 7, 2019

Entry Fee: $250.00
A "No-Show" penalty of $250.00 will be assessed to any team that has registered for the competition and not present to compete, at the discretion of the Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull Committee.

Video Footage
We will be offering our Heavy Horse Pull exhibitors the opportunity to purchase the raw video footage of their competition night. Pre-orders will be $25 per night. Orders can be taken at, and following the show for $40 per performance. This video option will be on your entry forms to order at the same time you enter your teams.


EQUINE BIOSECURITY PROTOCOLS: We take the health and safety of your equine athletes very seriously at the Calgary Stampede. As such, for 2019 we are implementing a mandatory submission of an Equine Biosecurity Form for all equine exhibitors. These forms must be filled out by all exhibitors entered into the Heavy Horse Pull. We kindly ask that you return these forms by Friday, June 14.



To scratch an entry please submit a copy of a completed SCRATCH FORM and submit to our Entries Office at agriculture@calgarystampede.com. Refunds will only be issued to entries submitting veterinary or medical documentation showing the reason for the scratch.   



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Entries in the 2019 Heavy Horse Pull Competition will be limited to 30 teams (10 per class). A limit of two teams per teamster per class will be in place.

The committee retains the right to jury all received entries, in the event of 31 or more teams entering. The following points will be considered:

  • Past accomplishments, as outlined in competitive pulling biography
  • Time stamp of complete entry.
  • Complete Entries include:
    • Entry form
    • Signed exhibitor agreement
    • Competitive pulling biography; and,
    • Payment in full

* Please note:
Incomplete entries will be moved down the priority list during committee review of entries.

Accepted entries will be contacted by entries staff by June 10, 2019.


For information on importing horses to Canada please click here.


2019 Heavy Horse Pull Prize Money & Awards for each Weight Division

   1st - $3,500
   2nd - $3,000
   3rd - $2,500
   4th - $2,250
   5th - $1,750
   6th - $1,500
   7th - $1,500
   8th - $1,500
   9th - $1,500
  10th - $1,500

A custom trophy slunk and specially designed championship handcrafted award bell will be presented to the winner of each weight division.

Ribbons will be awarded to third place in each weight division.

Class of the Class
The Class of the Class award is presented to the teamster, in each of the three weight classes, whom best represents the following attributes: Horsemanship, Sportsmanship and Showmanship. This is a special award, chosen by members of the Calgary Stampede's Horse Show volunteers, to recognize the one competitor whom exemplifies the true spirit of the pull. Each weight division winner will be presented with a pair of custom made trophy buckles and a $500 cheque.

Outstanding Teamster of the Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull
The Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull's Outstanding Teamster award will be chosen by fellow teamsters. This outstanding teamster will be passionate about the success of their horses and the sport we all love. Ultimately, the outstanding teamster will be a good sport, a good friend and a good horseman who promotes the Heavy Horse Pull industry with a positive attitude and exemplary actions in the sport of pulling.

Perpetual Awards
Perpetual trophies will be awarded to each winner in the three weight divisions.  These perpetual trophies will be returned each year and names of the winners will be engraved to the trophies.



Anyone entering Canada must have a valid Passport.

Non-residents of Canada will be subject to a 15% withholding tax on all prize monies awarded as required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Non-residents of Canada may apply to the CRA to have the 15% withholding tax returned.  To file a claim with the CRA, complete and submit the following information:

 Canada Revenue Agency Non Withholding Tax Return Information




2019 Calgary Stampede Heavy Horse Pull Competition Rules

  1. Special attention is called to the following Calgary Stampede rules and regulations for all equine competitions:
    1. Calgary Stampede Agriculture General Rules
    2. Health Regulations: http://ag.calgarystampede.com/exhibitor-info/health
    3. IAFE Code of Ethics: http://ag.calgarystampede.com/exhibitor-info/ethics
    4. Animal Care Codes of Practice: http://ag.calgarystampede.com/exhibitor-info/animal-care-codes
    5. Calgary Stampede Equine Therapeutic Medication Rules
  2. The team must make one (1) complete pull to qualify for prize money and/or awards.
  3. Teams will be vet checked upon arrival at the barns.
  4. Weighing: Teams will be weighed between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., Thursday, July 11. *Scheduled Weigh Times subject to check-in times at move-in
    1. Horses will be weighed individually once, with a halter and loose shank.
    2. From the time the horses enter the barn, they are to have ad libitum (as much or as often as necessary or desired) access to feed and water (nothing is to be added to the water or container). This will be closely monitored by officials appointed by The Calgary Stampede and Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee. Any entry that does not comply with access to feed and water requirements will be disqualified from the competition and required to leave the grounds.
    3. Horses must be in the barn with ad libitum access to feed and water a minimum of 3 hours prior to weighing.
    4. If a horse in any team is not in good physical condition, including: not properly fed and watered (in accordance with the Requirements outlined in the CODE OF PRACTISE, FOR THE CARE AND HANDLING OF EQUINES 2013), appears blemished, ill or lame, the Horse Pull Sub-Committee, Vet and/or judge have the right to excuse the team from the competition. If deemed not fit to pull, the team will be required to immediately leave the grounds.
  5. Substitution will not be permitted once teams have been weighed.
  6. Teams will be divided by weight into three divisions:
    1. Light weight division – Less than 3560 lbs.;
    2. Middle weight division - 3561 lbs. to 3880 lbs.;
    3. Heavy weight division - 3881 lbs. and over.
      1. Please note: the weight break is subject to change at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee to accommodate equal entries in each weight division.
  7. Starting weight for all teams is as follows (weight of sled included):
    1. Light weight division - 4500 lbs. /or at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee;
    2. Middle weight division - 5000 lbs. /or at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee;
    3. Heavy weight division - 6000 lbs. /or at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull  Sub-Committee;
    4. Each additional weight will be 500 lbs. or 1000 lbs. at the discretion of the Ringmaster.
    5. Competition to be decided by straight pull-out in each division.
  8. The Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee will determine the order of go via a draw of names to occur at the teamster meeting.
  9. Only demonstration pulls organized by the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee are permitted.
  10. Teams must be under control at all times. Any team deemed to be out of control by the judge may be excused from the show arena and their last qualified pull will stand as their final result.
  11. All teamsters are responsible to ensure their equipment is properly fitted and in good working order. The Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee reserves the right to inspect equipment prior to competition.
  12. Any abuse of horses by teamster or helpers before, during or after the show shall immediately disqualify the teamster and any awards and/or prize money won shall be forfeited. Abuse such as, and not limited to, slapping, slashing or swinging the lines at the horses will not be tolerated.
  13. The Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee reserves the right to conduct blood and/or urine tests to determine the presence or absence of performance enhancing substances on each horse in the pulling team. A positive test on any horse will result in the Teamster forfeiting any awards and/or prize money won in each event in which he/she is entered, and further, the Teamster may be banned from future horse pull competitions at the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede for a period of time at the discretion of Calgary Stampede Management.  Please note the Calgary Stampede Equine Therapeutic Medication Rules.
  14. The teamster that will drive each team registered must be identified at the weigh-in and no substitutions are allowed without a signed doctor's note or at the discretion of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee.
  15. Exhibitors, hookers and helpers must be properly attired in western wear, including a sleeved shirt with collar, appropriate foot wear and a cowboy hat.  Horses must also be properly presented. The Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee may, at its discretion, bar any entry or person from entering the show arena if not suitably presented to appear before an audience.
  16. Warm-up arena – only people required for team handling and exercising are allowed in the warm-up arena.
  17. Only authorized people are allowed in the show arena during competition. Interviews conducted in the show arena will be at the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee’s discretion.
  18. There will be no unauthorized signage allowed on the teams in the warm-up or show arena.
  19. Teamsters and hookers may be subject to a breathalyzer test prior to each pull. Any person testing over the legal limit will be disqualified along with their team(s). The decision of the Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee will be final with no appeal and all entry fees, any awards and/or prize money won will be forfeited.
  20. Teamsters are allowed to use neck yokes or offset eveners.
  21. Only the teamster and two (2) helpers are allowed in the show arena with each team.  All teamsters and helpers shall stay clear of the pulling lanes and concrete blocks when the other teams are pulling.
  22. No foreign objects are to be brought into the show arena for competitions (example: chairs, coolers, blankets, ropes, etc.).
  23. No header is allowed except during a harness break. Helpers are not allowed to talk to the horses. Failure to comply with this rule will result in disqualification.
  24. Once a team has entered the show arena, no change in harness will be allowed unless due to breakage; this does not include adjustments.
  25. The teamster or hooker may, but is not required to, ride the sled during the pull.
  26. A teamster will be allowed three (3) minutes from the time he/she is called or signaled to hook up to the sled or be eliminated.
  27. If a team refuses to pull, a teamster will be allowed three (3) minutes rest and one (1) minute to try the load again. If the team refuses again, the team is disqualified and the distance pulled to that point is recorded. The timekeeper is to track the time.
  28. The pull is to be made hitched to the sled over a distance of fourteen (14) feet.
    1. Sidelines are sixteen (16) feet apart;
    2. A marker will be placed on each sideline twenty-five (25) feet from the end of each sideline. If any part of the sled reaches this marker, the pull will change direction;
    3. There will be two (2) tries to pull the load fourteen (14) feet;
    4. Each time the sled is intentionally moved is counted as a try;
    5. If the judge should call an infraction where the pin is to be reset and the teamster is required to re-hook to the load, the load the infraction is called on will be counted as one of the two (2) attempts;
    6. An extra pin will be set behind the sled each time it is moved;
    7. The team must not be intentionally unhooked during these tries.  If a team becomes accidentally unhooked, the Teamster must back up to the sled and re-hook, staying within the sidelines.
  29. While hooked to the sled, the team must stay within the sidelines. Once during the competition, if a horse steps on/over the line while hooked on the initial try, it will be counted as a try but disallowed as a good pull. The pin will be reset and the team will be will be allowed one try to achieve a full pull, if the team does not achieve a full pull, they will be credited with the last completed pull. If the team steps on or over the lines, it will be disqualified and credited with the last completed pull. If the teamster feels the sled is too close to a line, he/she may ask the judge to waive the line closest to the sled. If the judge agrees the line will be waived.
  30. Once the team starts the load, the teamster must stay behind the eveners except during a harness break or during the three (3) minute rest period allowed after a refusal. At these times, the teamster may move to the head of his/her team. Hookers are not allowed ahead of the eveners at any time except in a potential emergency. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Behind the eveners is defined as the center point at which the eveners attach to the sled. The swing of the evener forward or back will not be used to determine position of the teamster.
  31. Deliberately jerking the load is prohibited. Failure to comply will result in a warning (YELLOW CARD) from the judge; a second warning will result in disqualification (RED CARD). The teamster must make a reasonable effort to drive the team into the load.
  32. If a break in harness or equipment occurs, there will be a time limit of five (5) minutes to fix the break and be hitched back to the load. If a teamster forfeits the pull at which a breakage occurs, he/she must pull the next weight the full distance or weight goes back to the previous completed pull.
  33. The pin and rope laid out flat must measure fourteen (14) feet. The pin must be pulled completely out to qualify as a completed pull.
  34. There will be a ringmaster, timekeeper, two linesmen and a pin man to assist the judge. These individuals have the authority to advise the judge of any infractions, and the judge must act upon their information.  All warnings will be announced.
  35. The judge's decision is final.
  36. Any animal may be removed from competition at any time, if deemed by the Calgary Stampede veterinarians that the animal is not fit to compete. 
  37. Teamsters are not to argue with or harass the judge or Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee members; to do so will result in instant disqualification and forfeiture of any awards and/or prize money won.
  38. An exhibitor lodging a protest must submit it in writing to the Agriculture Administration Department before 10:00 am the day following the cause of protest. A protest must state plainly the cause of the complaint or appeal and must be accompanied by a deposit of $500, which shall be forfeited to the Stampede, if the said protest is not sustained. The Agriculture Administration Management shall have the power to decide all protests and take appropriate action.
  39. Teamsters are encouraged to participate in all studies conducted during the Calgary Stampede for the purpose of enhancing animal safety and/or research purposes. 
  40. The Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee reserves the right to decide any point not covered by the rules and conditions.





An official accreditation pass will be needed by all those granted Park access for thise 2019 Stampede and all future Stampedes.

In addition to granting access to Stampede Park, the photo accreditation will indicate which restricted areas each person can enter based on individual requirements. Accreditation is year specific, and a new pass will be issued each year. The Agriculture Accreditation pass gives you access to the Grandstand Rush areas for the Rodeo, Chuckwagons, and Evening Show.  The pass must be purchased on the entry application for a fee of $35.00 (G.S.T. included) each. These badges are a privilege of the exhibitors, and will be limited. Exhibitors are responsible for lost or forgotten badges.

**Please note all accreditation will be sorted by individual last name for pick up in Lot 25 at the accreditation trailer**


  • Anyone entering Canada must have a valid Passport
  • Non-residents of Canada will be subject to a 15% withholding tax on all prize monies awarded as required by Revenue Canada
  • Non-residents of Canada may have the 15% withholding tax waived if they complete the following documents prior to competing.
  • American Port of Entry - Sweet Grass, Montana 406.335.9610
  • Canadian Port of Entry - Coutts, Alberta 403.344.3808


For information regarding transporting horses in Alberta please see:

** If you require clarification or you have concerns regarding the above information, please contact the Calgary Stampede Agriculture Administration at 403.261.0320.


Entry to Stampede Park is via the Nat Christie Gate off of 25th Ave SE.  Please follow the directions of the parking staff.
All Heavy Horse Pull stalling will be in the Agriculture Barns. Competitors with trailers will be directed on where to park upon arrival.


In the event you require stalling outside of the Calgary Stampede click here for a list of suggested locations.  Please contact these locations directly for booking information.


General Visitor Information
Hotel & Camping Information

For more information, please contact Programming Manager, Tammy Botsford 403.261.9316, or email: tbotsford@calgarystampede.com


Horse Show Committee ~ Jess Debnam (Chair), Melissa McKay (Competitions Manager)

Heavy Horse Pull Sub-Committee
Judd Debnam (Chair), Dan Katz (1st Vice Chair), Megan Thomson (2nd Vice Chair), Linda Bailey, Chris Brown, Wayne Crosbie, Viktor Grant, Lisa Hari, Jane Isakeit, Laurie Jacob-Toews, Lorne McKay, Marty Rutherford, Perri Scarcelli, Rob Thomas,  Kathryn Vincent, Jim Walker, Tammy Botsford (Program Manager)