2018 Horse Haven

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Discover horse breeds found throughout Alberta, and learn which activities these equine athletes excel.

There will be 18 breeds on display at Horse Haven Stables, located at the northwest end of the Agriculture Barns, in an adopted western setting from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.  Horse Haven will feature presentations, demonstrations, and plenty of horse sense as breeders talk up their equine companions and promote the breeds they love.

Horse Haven will also feature plenty of interactive and educational opportunities, with an "activity zone" involving displays and demos regarding horsemanship. 

These light horse breeds can also be seen in action daily in demonstrations in the Northern Lights Arena and Agrium Western Event Centre.

Kids will enjoy the activity book showcasing the breeds, and can take them home for colouring fun!

Itching to own a horse? Horse Sense 101, presented daily, tells you all you need to know.

Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 6–15, 2018
Location: South Barn


This is an invitational program and interested parties can send details of their proposal for an equine presentation to agriculture@calgarystampede.com and the Light Horse Committee will review the inquiry. Proposals should include a basic description of the proposed activity and all facility requirements (i.e. arena size, audio needs, stabling if required, number of participants, duration of presentation).


Kristin Hack(Chair), Deanna Neal (Vice Chair) Frank Anderson, Gary Ayre, Nate Ayre, Linda Bakken, Gary Bissell, Les Burwash, Andy Campbell, Debra, Charnuski, Jamee Dewit, Tamie Eastman, Ron Gale, Rock Heintz, Sandra Hlina, Norienne Hood, Gina Howard, Ron Jackson, Sarah Linde, Louise Locke, Kayla Mackenzie, Laurie MacKenzie, Gus McCollister, Jennifer McCollister, Sheila McLellan, Nancy Muchka,  Gladys Mueller, Barbara Neufeld, Jeni Neufeld, Maggie Northcott, Jack Schneider Sr., Lara Schuelke, Adrian Scrivens, Donna Scrivens, Hidzer Sietzema, Jill Stephenson, Annelies Wiersma, Donna Wyatt,  Roc Spence (Director), Sam Coutu (Program Manager).