International Youth Livestock Show 2010

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Last Updated May 26, 2010

The Calgary Stampede and Olds Agricultural Society are pleased to announce an innovative partnership that will result in a fresh and exciting new direction for the popular International Youth Livestock Show. 

In year’s past, the International Youth Livestock Show has been an integral part of the annual Calgary Stampede, with competition taking place over the last four days of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.  Approximately 90 participants, mostly from communities in Central Alberta, competed in the annual show with special guests from across Canada and the US. 

This year, under the new partnership and with the support of Alberta 4-H and Alberta Junior Beef Breed Associations, a much larger, intense and integrated competition will take place at Olds Agricultural Society from July 11 to 16, with the winners in several categories moving on to a Supreme Championship Final at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday, July 17.  Over 250 competitors from across western Canada are expected to participate in this collaborative programming between Calgary Stampede and Olds Agricultural Society. 

“The International Youth Livestock Show is an engaging way to showcase the keen and knowledgeable future youth of agriculture,” says Tracy Lundago, chair of the Stampede International Youth Livestock Show committee. “This new format will allow us to increase industry awareness, act as a conduit between industry and youth and reward personal development and achievement from competitors across Canada and around the world.” 

Young enthusiasts demonstrate their stewardship skills in sheep, dairy cattle, heavy horse or beef species classes and will compete this year for more than $30,000 in scholarship money and prizes.  

“Agriculture and youth programs are fundamental to preserving and promoting western heritage and values,” says David Sibbald, Calgary Stampede board director, who has been very involved in the redevelopment of the program. “The Stampede takes a serious role in showcasing the agriculture industry.” 

This unique and dynamic program is the first of its kind to elevate and enhance opportunities and experiences for all livestock youth and will remain steadfast and sustainable within industry. 

For more information visit the Olds Agriculture Society:

More detailed information to come.
Janette Bamford

Event Dates and Location

Event Date: July 17, 2010
Location: Ag Building


Calgary Stampede International Youth Livestock Show

CS International Youth Heavy Horse Show
July 12, 2010 (Big Top)

 200 International Youth Heavy Horse Decorating Junior (9-11)
 205 International Youth Heavy Horse Decorating Intermediate (12-14)
 210 International Youth Heavy Horse Decorating Senior (15-20)
 215 International Youth Heavy Horse Showmanship Junior (9-11)
 220 International Youth Heavy Horse Showmanship Intermediate (12-14)
 225 Internatioanl Yourh Heavy Horse Showmanship Senior (15-20)
 240 International Youth Heavy Horse Conformation Filly/Gelding 2 yrs and younger  
250 International Youth Heavy Horse Conformation Filly/Gelding 3 yrs and older       

International Heavy Horse Youth Entries can be done on the Heavy Horse Show Entry Form

Summer Synergy (Olds)
Tuesday, July 6th Marketing Projects due to
Wednesday, July 14th @ 2pm Multi Judging
Thursday, July 15th @ 9am Beef Showmanship
Thursday, July 15th @ 3pm Jackpot Yearling Classic
Thursday, July 15th @ 6pm Evening of Excellence hosted by Olds College
Friday, July 16th all conformation shows

CS Supreme Champion Showcase
July 17, 2010 (Agriculture Building)

International Youth Scholarship Interviews
July 17, 2010 (Agriculture Admin, Agriculture Building) commencing at 10:30am

CS Supreme Championship
July 17, 2010 (Big Top) 2:30pm

Scholarship Presentation
July 17, 2010 (Grandstand)

*Affiliated Shows
- 4-H on Parade
- Provincial 4-H Beef Show
- Provincial 4-H Dairy Show
- Summer Synergy (Olds)


Entry Fees

Heavy Horse Fees - $20 Early Entry
                                 $40 Late Entry


Intermediate and Senior Heavy Horse exhibitors must compete in the Heavy Horse Decorating class in order to compete in the Heavy Horse Showmanship class. Junior(9 - 11 yrs.) Heavy Horse exhibitors are NOT required to enter the decorating class.




1. Special attention is called to the following:

2. Exhibitors are responsible to carry their own liability insurance (see Liability under General Rules).

3. Only exhibitors will be allowed to groom/prepare the entries participating in the show.

4. Exhibitors may be excused from competition before or during the 2010 program, or suspended from future involvement based on inappropriate behaviour as determined by the Calgary Stampede International Youth Livestock Committee and show officials.

5. The Youth Livestock Committee reserves the right to decide on any point not covered by any of the regulations.



For more information, please contact: Janette Bamford Agriculture Program Coordinator 403.261.9174


Tracy Lundago (Chair), Debbie Simpson (Vice Chair), Dave Sibbald (Director Responsible), Robert Wise (Agriculture Manager), Janette Bamford (Agriculture Program Coordinator), Wendy Ashbacher, Kelly Bell, Bev Kelly, Susan Peterson, Heather Saucier, Russell Sevick, Rob Smith, Jamie Westlund