Welcome to The UFA Cattle Trail

A newly designed, in​teractive and engaging presentation of the beef cattle industry. From pasture to plate, The UFA Cattle Trail tells the story of beef.

The UFA Cattle Trail, located in the new Agrium Western Event Centre, is a live animal display of beef cattle, enhanced by informative and engaging displays about the industry and beef production program. As science becomes more advanced, sustainability of our environment and life itself becomes more evident. In collaboration with our industry partners, this showcase will provide knowledge on beef industry practices that enhance animal welfare, ensure food safety, protect natural resources and improve health and nutrition for consumers.

The UFA Cattle Trail encompasses each sector of the beef story, including:


The commencement of the beef story takes place in the field where healthy and well-nourished animals are an essential start to a successful story ending. Learn about the sustainable use of land and water practices that ensure continued growth and economic vitality.


In the barnyard, you will find cows, calves and bulls on display. See the latest cattle-handling systems, windbreaks, and automatic water systems which contribute to the well being of the animals. Meet the producers that play such a vital role in the beef food chain and celebrate their skill set in the use of genetics, developing production practices and mastering management systems.


A successful operation depends heavily on proper care, management, and the nutrition of the herd. The facilities and equipment required to handle cattle will be the feature of this section. Understand how record keeping for cattle equates to that of people….better yet, become part of the demonstration as you move through an operating chute system and experience the electronic identification in action. When we are sick we visit the doctor…when cattle are under the weather, the veterinarian comes to visit them. With the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinarian Medicine on site, learn the important role of medicine in herd management and animal welfare.


The innovative and diverse perspectives of the intriguing science of genetics will be unleashed in this hands-on journey of discovery. “What makes a Champion??” Understand the science of selective beef cattle breeding, to provide higher value commercial traits while leaving a smaller environmental footprint, and see cattle being prepared for a showring.


Throughout the production process, it is almost certain that an animal will pass through an auction sale at least once in their life. See an auction mart in action and weigh yourself on the cattle scale. The miniature feedlot set up will demonstrate the industry innovation and processes that ensure the safe and efficient production. Touch and smell the samples of feed rations on display and learn the science behind mixing a ration to produce this high-energy food product.

Climb aboard an operating cattle trailer and learn about industry guidelines that manage this industry segment and work to ensure good animal welfare practices.


Research shows consumers desire cuts of beef that are lean, nutritious and possess desirable eating characteristics – where do the cuts come from and how does the production system contribute to the quality and safety of the finished product? Through the Calgary Co-op model ‘meat shop’, you can see and learn more about the origin of their meat relative to the animal.

A virtual meat counter will feature information on various meat cuts that will help you feel more prepared to make knowledgeable decisions the next time you visit the meat counter at your local grocery or butcher.


Pick up information on safe handling of meat, cooking tips and nutrition. Meet our experts who will share information and answer questions.

With 39% of the Canadian beef herd here in Alberta, The UFA Cattle Trail will share the significant value and impact the beef industry has on personal wellbeing, economic wellbeing of the province and provide an inside look at this rather complex and very important industry. The UFA Cattle Trail is great chance for you to ask producers and industry experts any questions you may have about Alberta Beef!

This journey of discovery will provide a look into the fascinating world of beef development and promises to be an experience to remember as part of your visit to the Calgary Stampede.

Beef Cattle Committee:

Scott Stephen (Chair), Erin Stuart ( Past Chair), Fawn Jackson (Vice Chair), Virgil Lowel (Second Vice Chair), Maggie Schofield (Director), Lori Wheeler (Agriculture Program Coordinator), Bruce Bamford, Palmo Carpino, Scott Dickson, Kelsey Gray, Grant Hirsche, Michele Hollins, Amber Kreis, Mort Molyneux, Scott Newman, Wayne Sibbald, Carolyn Templeton, Rod Wendorff.


Lori Wheeler Agriculture Program Coordinator