International Guests

International Exhibitors/Competitor Information

Anyone entering Canada must have a valid Passport.

Non-residents of Canada will be subject to a 15% withholding tax on all
prize monies awarded as required by Revenue Canada.
Non-residents of Canada may have the 15% withholding tax waived if they
complete the following documents prior to competing.

Canada Revenue Agency T1261E form
Please note that you MUST have a notorized copy of your supporting document.

Canada Revenue Agency Regulation 105 form
If you already have an International Tax Number (ITN) you may submit this form with your entry.


Health Requirements - Importation of Animals from the United States (General):

Please refer to the CFIA website for the most up to date information on import/export regulations.  Contact your Veterinarian to discuss your travel plans.  Only Vetrinarians who are Licensed in their State and Accreditted with the USDA are authorized to sign Helath Certificates for international travel.

For information regarding transporting horses in Alberta please see:

Transporting Horse in Alberta

Alberta Livestock Transportation Documents

If you require clarification or you have concerns about the previous information, please contact Agriculture Administration at (403) 261-0313.

American Port of Entry - Sweetgrass, Montana (406) 335-2142 -
Canadian Port of Entry - Coutts, Alberta (403) 344-3808 -



Documents For complete information see Health Requirements.

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