2019 Junior Steer Classic

As part of the Calgary Stampede’s commitment to developing the next generation of agriculture advocates, the Junior Steer Classic show is entirely oriented to youth competitors aged 9-21 years. There are over $73,000 in scholarships and prizes available in 2019.

More information on confirmed dates, entries, rules and show details will be forthcoming in early 2019.

Criteria for the 2019 Herdsman Scholarship and Digital Networking Scholarship is available in the Awards section.


Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 5–14, 2019
Location: Ag Building










Please see information below regarding the 2019 Junior Steer Classic criteria for the Digital Networking and Herdsman Scholarships. If there are any changes, the scholarship criteria documents will be updated with the most current information as comes available.

Herdsman Scholarship

Digital Networking Scholarship


Craig Scott (Chair), Katie Songer (1st Vice Chair), Brody Gardner (Past Chair), Kristin Dennett (Agriculture Program Manager), Scott Bohrson, Scott Dickson, Ryan Dorran, Rob Lundago, Don Miller, Kyle O'Neill, Doug Roxburgh, Katie Roxburgh, Rhiannon Sacks, Rees Smith, Fred Taylor, Zac Taylor