Agrium Ag-tivity in the City

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Come visit the farm without ever leaving the city,
July 7-16, 2017 in the Agriculture Zone!

With agriculture-related attractions and free, fun-packed activities and presentations, there’s something for everyone in Ag-tivity in the City located in the Agrium Western Event Centre location in the Agriculture Barn and in the agriculture zone.

Urban meets rural at Ag-tivity in the City, which is open from the time that Stampede Park opens until 9:00 p.m. daily (Family Day, Canada 150, & Kid's Day 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and provides an informative and entertaining celebration of agriculture for young and old alike.

Interactive, fun displays provide a valuable agricultural experience. The animals in this area always get plenty of attention, and you’ll want to check out the pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, miniature donkeys, goats, stock dogs and other farm animals. Would you like to learn how a homing pigeon finds its way home? How to milk a cow? You've come to the right spot!
Some of the displays and activities you’ll find:

Ag-tivity in the City in the Agrium Western Event Centre and AltaLink Hall
Visit our wide variety of displays, and you will be treated to interactive displays featuring: Alberta Chicken Producers, Egg Farmers of Alberta, Alberta Canola Producers Commission, Alberta Milk, Alberta Pork, and much more. . .

Agrium Seed Survivor 
Plant yourself in Seed Survivor and discover the elements you'll need to grow healthy plants. Team up to try your hand at virtual farming with the Nutrients of Life game, or plant a sunflower seed to take home and grow. This fun, interactive display features multi-media and virtual reality computer games, talking walls and much more.

Country Critters in the Agriculture Barn
Don't miss the Country Critters area in the historic Agriculture Barn where you can meet a wide variety of friendly animals and participate in free and fun activities such as cow milking, playing in a cleaned grain "sand box", and forking hay.

Milk and Cookies Shack by Alberta Milk
Learn where milk comes from — and then sit and rest, while enjoying this ultimate refreshing snack offered at just $2.00.  It is the best food deal on park! Located in the Ag Zone

Ag-Tivity Agriculture Ambassadors

Take a tour of the AgZone! Our Ag Ambassadors lead barn tours daily from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. during the Stampede. The Ambassador Barn is located in front of the Agrium Western Event Centre. Barn tour guides take Stampede visitors on guided tours of the agricultural facilities and Agrium Ag-tivity in the City. Friendly and knowledgable guides provide information about various livestock and the grain industry, and are happy to answer questions. Our Ambassadors speak a variety of languages and have big smiles that mean "friendliness" in every language.

Heritage Cabin
Our little cabin in the Ag Zone will give you a feel for the rudimentary conditions that pioneers endured to settle the west. It was a time of hard work, but women found time to use their skills and creative ability to handcraft quilts, weave cloth, spin wool, crochet or make toys. Relive these experiences and see firsthand how these tasks were performed. Stop by the Heritage Cabin located in Country Trail.

Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 7–16, 2017


Family Day - Sunday, July 10 and Kid's Day, Wednesday, July 13 there will be additional presentations - times TBD


The following exhibitors will be participating in the 2017 Agrium Ag-tivity in the City:

Alberta Chicken Producers
Alberta Pork
Agrium Seed Survivor
Alberta Barley
Alberta Canola Producers
Alberta Milk
Alberta Pulse Growers
Alberta Wheat
Calgary and District Beekeepers Association
Calgary Stampede Country Critters
Egg Farmers of Alberta
Grain Display
Heritage Cabin
McDonalds Restaurant
University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Science


Heather Lawton (Chair), Ross Bucsis (Vice Chair), Lisa Bednarik (Past-Chair), Kate Thrasher (Director), Lori Wheeler (Ag Program Coordinator), Janette Macmillan (Agriculture Manager), Linda Baranieski, Don Beriro, Daniel Bradnish, Anita Bucsis, Anita Carey, Linda Courtman, Nelson Dahlgren, Clementine Fleischer, Mike Fleischer, Megan Gauley, Barry Gordon, Gary Kooistra, Debbie Lee, Andrew Mathews, Dot Miner, Richard Latus, Lynn Schaeffler, Debbie Schlaak, Heather Swiston, Doug Schmaltz, Val Schmaltz, Peggy Strankman, Steve Tannas, Karen Turner, Agnes Wolstenholme, Jo Anne Wolach, Rebecca Zutz