2018 Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting

The high adrenalin sport of Cutting will see an adjustment in dates for Stampede 2018, and now becomes part of the first weekend of action. Competition begins on Thursday, July 5 with the finals on Friday, July 6

The Mercuria National Cutting Horse Association World Series of Cutting showcases the top cutting horses in the world and offers spectators an opportunity to cheer on the horses and riders as they compete. The Calgary Stampede Cutting Horse Competition is the only Canadian stop on the schedule!

In a cutting competition, each horse and rider is faced with a herd of cattle and two and a half minutes on the clock. Working together they must select a single cow to move out of or ‘cut’ from the herd. Once the cow has been selected and removed from the herd the rider drops their reins, saying to the horse - take it from here! The pair must then demonstrate their ability to keep the cow from returning to the herd. The horse uses great strength and agility as it mimics the movements of the cow, always staying one hoof ahead. Once the cow has lost interest and looks away, the team may re-enter the herd for a fresh cow to cut.

Years of careful training are invested into each cutting horse. Their natural instincts to herd cattle, or what we like to call “cow sense”, are fine-tuned to allow them to become true athletes of the arena and the stars of our show.

 2017 Calgary Stampede Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting Champions:

Open Champion QB Cat owned by David & Stacie McDavid and ridden by Clint Allen

Non Pro Champion  Rue Du Ichi owned by Nancy & Shannon Lamb ridden by Shannon Lamb


2018 Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting Schedule:

January 17 & 18 2018 – Augusta Futurity

February 16 & 17, 2018 - The Mane Event V June 2018 - PCCHA Futurity

July 5 & 6, 2018 - Calgary, AB Canada @ Calgary Stampede

August 16-19, 2018 - West Texas Futurity 

September 2018 - Idaho Futurity

September 2018 - El Rancho Futurity  

October 2018 - Quarter Horse Congress

For more information on the Mercuria NCHA World Series please visit the NCHA website.


Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: July 5–6, 2018
Move in Date: July 5, 2018
Entry Closing Date: June 11, 2018 4:00 PM
Location: Nutrien Western Event Centre


The completed entry form must be received in the Agriculture Entries Office by the listed date. All entries must be accompanied with copies of the NCHA membership cards of both owner and rider, as well as a copy of the registration papers for all registered horses, as per NCHA Standing Rules 2 and 3. Entries not complying with the requirements will be rejected. The entry charge portion of the fee will be allocated to prize money (GST not applicable).

Telephone entries will not be accepted. Faxed and e-mailed entries will be accepted if accompanied by credit card information. Please note, U.S. entries must be paid by credit card or money order in Canadian funds.

Returning in 2018

The Calgary Stampede stop in the Mercuria World Series of Cutting is now hosting a class within a class as part of The NCHA Senior World Tour.

The NCHA Senior World Tour rules apply to this class within a class. A senior is defined as any open or non-pro rider that is age 60 or older and meets all other NCHA rules regarding the status of membership.

Entry Fee - $30

50% of the entry fee will be jack-potted. NCHA Payout rules will apply. 


2018**All classes will be held in the Nutrien Western Events Centre on Stampede Park**

**In accordance with the NCHA Mercuria World Series, loud music, production lighting and additional production elements will be occurring throughout the competition** 

 THURSDAY JULY 5, 2018 – Nutrien Western Events Centre, Stampede Park
12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Warm Up 

2:00p.m. - First Go Non Pro, Finals Youth Cutting Showcase , First Go Open

Awards for Youth Showcase and Presentation of Bill Collins Youth Excellence Scholarships will take place immediately following their class.


FRIDAY, JULY 6, 2018 – Nutrien Western Events Centre, Stampede Park


10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Warm Up

12:00 p.m.   Finals, Non Pro - Followed by Awards Ceremony

                      Finals, Open - Followed by Awards Ceremony   

*All competition times are tentative and subject to change; any changes will be posted to this website.


Thursday, July 5, 2018
In his 89 years of adventure and exceptional horsemanship, the late Bill Collins covered many miles and acquired a lot of fans and friends, including royalty. The Calgary Stampede honors and remembers this incredible cowboy icon through the Bill Collins Youth Excellence Scholarship.

Bill was undisputedly a celebrity within the global equine world, yet those who met him commented on how he not only taught horsemanship, he also taught people about themselves and epitomized the western values and spirit of integrity. These values paired with his exceptional equine knowledge created a lasting legacy when he brought the then-emerging sport of cutting horse to the Calgary Stampede in 1973.

To honor Bill Collins for more than 40 years of leadership and volunteer service to the Calgary Stampede, he was awarded a lifetime membership in 2007 and is the namesake for the Bill Collins Youth Excellence Scholarship.  Each year at the Calgary Stampede we recognize five youth riders in a Youth Cutting Showcase during the Mercuria NCHA World Series of Cutting.

2017 Recipients

Tara Callaghan
Larissa Price

Cheylin Patenaude
Teresa Lukacs
Colten Powell



To qualify, youth must compete in either the Junior or Senior Youth Classes in Claresholm, AB – ACHA Days on June 2 & 3, 2018. To qualify, competitors will compete in a two run aggregate score format. Only the top five aggregate scores in the Junior or Senior Youth Classes qualify for the Calgary Stampede Youth Cutting Horse Showcase. Youth Showcase Champion will be determined by a single go at the Calgary Stampede.


For more information please contact the Alberta Cutting Horse Association

Awards & Prizes:

1st: $2000
3rd: $500
4th: $500
5th: $500


Calgary Stampede Champion & Reserve Champion buckles will be awarded, as well as Calgary Stampede blankets from 1st to 5th place.


Rules & Regulations for Bill Collins Youth Excellence Showcase

Each competitor must follow the general guidelines of the cutting competition as well as the specific guidelines governing the youth competition:

  1. Only the top 5 final scores at the qualifying event in either the Junior or Senior Youth Class on June 2 and 3, will be invited to the Calgary Stampede Youth Showcase July 5, 2018.
  2. Youth must compete on the same horse as ridden in the qualifying event.
  3. There will be a minimum of four head of used cattle per competitor.
  4. Should any of the top 5 invited youth be unable to compete in the Finals on July 5, the Calgary Stampede reserves the right to invite the next highest placing youth from the qualifying event to fill the roster.
  5. If there is a tie in qualifying round at ACHA Days in Claresholm the highest score in either Go Round will advance. In the event there is a tie in scores in the Go Round, the highest score in second Go Round will advance. In the event that there is another tie, a draw will be made. The competitor whose name is drawn will advance to the Calgary Stampede.
  6. Please note that an exhibitor waiver is required prior to competition.  If the applicant is under 18 years of age, the waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  7. No entry fee, cattle fee, or office fee will be charged.
  8. No alcohol will per permitted in the parking lot.

Entry Fees

OPEN & NON PRO: $1000 per entry, per class
NCHA Classification Rules applies (NCHA Standing Rule 8).

Entries must be received by Monday, June 11, 2018 at 4:00 pm, all entry fees are payable in Canadian Funds.













Non Pro







* All Entry Charges will be allocated to prize money (GST not applicable).
** Office charges consist of Judges, Arena, Video, and Affiliation fees.


Open: $25,000 added money

Non Pro: $25,000 added money

Score of first go round will determine advancement to the Finals.  Prize money and awards will be determined solely by scores in the Finals round.

 Calgary Stampede Buckles will be awarded to the Champion and Reserve Champion of the Open and Non Pro classes.

 NCHA Bronze trophy will be awarded to Champion of the Open and Non Pro classes. 

In the event of a tie for Champion, the Champion and award recipient will be determined by either a ride off or coin toss at the discretion of the competitors.  Prize money will be split.

In the event of a tie for Reserve Champion, the Reserve Champion and award recipient will be decided on by the highest aggregate from the first go round and the finals scores. Prize money will be split.

Judging Criteria

Judges:  TBD 

Monitor: Pete Fanning

Videographer: PS Digital Video

Photographer: TBD

Show Secretary: Brett Warder, Alberta      


NCHA (Adjusted Monitor System - 3 Judges)


Stampede Park Arrival and Parking Information
Exhibitors will park in the infield. Entry to Stampede Park is through the Nat Christie Gate off 25th Avenue SE.  Once you enter the gates you will be directed to the accreditation trailer to pick up your exhibitor package. Your Exhibitor Package will include all of your accreditation passes as well as your parking pass. Due to limited space please travel together as much as possible.  Competitors must exit the infield 60 minutes after the competition ends.


Stampede Entry

An official photo accreditation badge will be required by all competitors to access Stampede Park for the 2018 Calgary Stampede.  This will now be extremely important to keep on you at all times as access to the Infield Lot. Accesswill be prohibited without the specific area accreditation, this is strictly enforced. The Infield Lot is not accessible to the public. Only accreditation purchased by the competitor on the entry form will have access to the infield.


A new accreditation must be issued each year.  In addition to granting you access to Stampede Park, the Agriculture Accreditation badge gives you access to the Grandstand Rush areas for the Rodeo, Chuckwagons, and Evening Show.  The badge must be purchased on the entry form for a fee of $35.00 (G.S.T. included). These badges are a privilege of the exhibitors, and will be limited. Exhibitors are responsible for lost or forgotten badges.


Transportation of Animals

Health Requirements – Importation of Animals from the United States (General):

Please refer to the CFIA website for the most up to date information on import/export regulations.

For information regarding transporting horses in Alberta please see:

Transporting Horses in Alberta

Alberta Livestock Transportation Documents

If you require clarification or you have concerns about the previous information, please contact Agriculture Administration at (403) 261-0313.


For information on Calgary please click here.  For accommodation information for surround areas please click here.  For campground information around Calgary please click here.


For stalling information please click here.

Addiontal stalling options: Cochrane Agriculture Society and Okotoks Agriculture Society.

**Please note there is no overnight stalling on Stampede Park**

American Port of Entry – Sweetgrass, Montana (406) 335-2142 www.cbp.gov

Canadian Port of Entry – Coutts, Alberta (403) 344-3808 – www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

Documents for complete information see Health Requirements


The Cutting Horse Competition will be conducted by the Calgary Stampede Western Performance Horse Committee.

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