Aggie Days Teacher Info

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WHEN: Wednesday, April 05, 2017 to Friday, April 07, 2017

HOURS: 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Stampede Park - Agrium Western Events Centre and the Agriculture Barn Next Door

The Calgary Stampede's Agriculture Education Committee extends an invitation to elementary teachers and their students to attend Aggie Days. Aggie Days is an excellent opportunity for students, Grade 3 through Grade 5, to learn more about Alberta's agricultural industry. There is no charge to participate in this program.

NOTE: To maximize a safe and quality presentation, pre-registration is required.


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Please note that Aggie Days has made some significant changes to our program in that we now target this educational field trip to grades 3 to 6. It is important to us that the school children and their teachers who attend get the most out of the experience and that we can achieve this best by creating curriculum tie-ins with these specific grades. Another big reminder is that we have moved from the BMO Centre to the Agrium Western Event Centre.  In 2017, we are expanding into the Ag Barn as well for an even greater experience for our guests and for our farm animals.

We have done away with grade-specific days and instead offer agriculture education content appropriate to grades 3 to 6 on all three school days, April 05 to April 07, 2017. Feel free to register your classroom for any one of these days now.

Agriculture is Canada's leading industry, employing one third of our work force. It is important for students to find out what is happening "out on the farm" and how agriculture impacts our daily lives. The displays and interactive activities, hosted by the Agriculture Education Committee, industry organizations and volunteers, are designed to help your students learn more about Alberta's agricultural and historical legacy. It's a day of displays and 'hands on" interactive activities.  Some of the curriculum related learning centers include:


We encourage you to bring your class for a full day. Aggie Days exhibits will remain open throughout the lunch hour, so you can choose to continue to explore our many displays or watch the rodeo feature in the arena. Students staying all day should bring a bag lunch to eat at noon in the comfortable seating of the Arena. There will be a concession open on the upper floor of the Agrium Centre during the lunch hour, should participants choose to purchase lunch or drinks.  Free cartons of milk will be offered to every child at lunchtime.

We are very proud of this award winning program and hope your students are able to come and learn about the world of agriculture.

Seed Survivor

Agrium is back with their "hands-on" Seed Survivor exhibit for children. This interactive display is based on the Alberta science curriculum. If you have seen it, you will know it is a very popular exhibit during Aggie Days!  It features multi-media and virtual reality games, an insect video scope, a sunflower seed planting station, a watershed center, talking walls and much more.

Seed Survivor was designed to teach youth that plants need water, light, healthy soil, and nutrients to survive.


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AGGIESHIPS Bussing Grants are Back...

If bussing costs are a concern or obstacle to your student's attendance to Aggie Days, bussing grants are once again available through the the generosity of our partners at Bayer Crop Science and the Aggieships Program.  Grants are on a first come, first serve basis, and the class must already be registered to attend Aggie Days.

Sorry, but all of the AggieShips Bussing Grants have now been allocated.

Thank-you to Bayer Crop Science for their generous support of Aggie Days.



Event Dates and Location

Event Dates: April 5–7, 2017
Location: Agrium Western Event Centre

Confirmation of your requested day will be emailed to you so please be sure to provide an email address. If email is not an option please provide a fax number.

Register on-line or fax your application to 403-410-4549.  NOTE: Registration will open on October 03, 2016


Buses should unload as directed at the back of the Ag Barn (west side of building). Students and chaperones are then asked to walk towards the rotunda enrtance to the Agrium Western Events Centre where Stampede volunteers will be stationed to confirm the schools, number of attendees and to assist with disembarking of the buses and provide directional information. Volunteers will also assist with the loading of buses for pick-up. Buses coming for pick-up will be directed to park and will be marshalled to a pick-up area for safer boarding. Calgary Stampede staff and volunteers will work directly with the bussing companies to provide them with routes and maps of Stampede Park so they know exactly where to drop off and pick up attendees.

Buses will be given free parking but cars pay a parking fee of $15.00.

Teacher Tips For Attending Aggie Days

* Have your students circulate around the Aggie Days displays in a sequential order so they do not miss anything.

* The demonstration areas will have presentations (Sheep Shearing, Stock Dog, Horse, etc.) conducted at frequent intervals throughout the day. Make sure the shorter students are near the front during demonstrations. Our presenters will usually ask the smaller ones to come to the front.

* Formal demonstrations (Beef, and Cow Milking) are conducted at frequent intervals throughout the day.Times will be posted.

* Ask questions and encourage your students to inquire. This can be accomplished through either preparing a questionnaire for the students or asking them to develop a questionnaire keeping in mind the exhibitors that are participating. A listing of the exhibitors will be posted by the middle of February and will be udpated on a regular basis.

* Remind your supervisors/helpers to have the students in their group remain at a presentation booth for the entire presentation. Most of the presentations last only a few minutes.

* Relax, enjoy, and have fun!


* Please ensure that all Aggie Days visitors know the location of the wash stands so that they may wash their hands after touching the animals.  Hand sanitizer dispensers will also be located throughout the exhibition hall.

* Alberta's agriculture means animals, and hay and straw dust. Teachers are asked to be aware of any students with allergic problems well before the date of their Aggie Days visit. These students might be medicated before arival or asked not to attend this excursion.

* It is recommended that each child have a nametag, which also includes the school phone number.

Please Note:
The "Final Attendance Form", sent out in the teacher confirmation package, will be collected by the Stampede Volunteer who meets your bus. If you are not arriving via bus, please ensure that your form is delivered to the volunteer greeter or the Information desk located inside the rotunda of the Agrium Western Event Centre.

Aggie Days Curriculum Correlation - for Alberta Elementary Teachers
Provides some correlations between the Aggie Days program and the Alberta Program of Study for Division I & II.


CALGARY STAMPEDE AGRICULTURE EDUCATION COMMITTEE: Grant Northcott (Chair),  Brenda Ralston (Vice Chair), Dean Ringstad (2nd Vice Chair), Connie James (Past Chair), Toni Dixon (Board Member Liaison), Lori Wheeler (Agriculture Programming Coordinator), Kathleen Arkes, Leigh-Anna Barnes, Alex Batycky, Bill Batycky, John Bednarik, Jane Boyce, John Campbell, Linda Courtman, Ray Courtman, Leila Cranswick, Lianne Enderton, Jordan Fenton, Dave Forrest, Stephanie Gray, Glenda Giles, Dave Gosling, Trudy Holte, Mike Isakeit, Jim Jorawsky, Brenda Knight, Debbie Lee, Heather MacKay, Eryne Price, Andrea Rioux, Shannon Richardson, Donna Seamans, Allan Snider, Myrna Taylor-Flexhaus, Christine Tilleman, Josh Traptow.